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40 years experience in the Construction business

Buying a home is the single largest financial decision most of us ever make. Knowing exactly what you are buying is difficult.

Protect Your Investment

Knowing exactly what you are buying can prevent your dream home from becoming a nightmare. Let Bruce Timms help you make an informed buying decision. Call us to schedule a home inspection.
  • 40 years in the construction business
  • 10 years in water and fire damage restoration
  • Registered Professional Engineer
  • A name you can trust
Added Bonus!

You also receive the Home Reference Book at the end of your home inspection.

This $95 value contains 400 pages of comprehensive, easy-to-understand information about your home. All major systems of the home are covered, including information on normal life expectancies as well as potential replacement costs.

We offer Tarion Pre-Delivery Inspection Service for extra assurance that construction details are examined top to bottom, inside and out! And 1 year and 2 year inspections service!

We have an Infrared Heat Camera available for every inspection.
These cameras find wet basement indicators by picking up cool areas.

Wind scower of blown in insulation, from open vented soffit, which creates cold spots on ceiling bellow.


 "if we can get in, we can get out, and report!"

Concrete block party wall between townhouses continues into attic space.

Aluminum wire on unrated modern outlet.

Bruce Timms, P.ENG.
Former Regional Councillor 1991 to 2018